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Vacation Bicycling, the smallest bicycle tour company with the biggest number of trips. Celebrating 16 years bringing bicycle tour adventures to the best of all 50 states, where will you go next?
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7-day cycling tours including hotels, most breakfasts, three dinners, SAG and guides.
Vacation Bicycling bicycle tours are different from the rest. You'll ride your bicycle part of the day and you will truly have free time as well. Our previous customers have said our tours are the first time they've felt on vacation while on a bicycle trip. Our supported trips generally begin around 8:00 or 9:00 am and finish in the early afternoon.
So in addition to enjoying a bicycle tour, you will have an opportunity every day to enjoy free time having a cool drink in a hammock, a swim in the pool or exploring the local sights – there is something for everyone. Of course you SAG in style (Support and Gear).
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Our dinners and hotels are tested for local flair, excellent reviews, quality and hospitality. With Vacation Bicycling there is never a hectic time schedule or “just enough time” to shower before heading to dinner.
Also, a note about Vacation Bicycling's prices and tours: All of our prices include tips. We are one of the only tour companies in the world that does not take tips; whereas most tour companies expect their participants to pay an extra "recommended tip" that can be $200+ at the end of the trip to pay the tour guides, but not with Vacation Bicycling. Our company has a strict no tipping policy. Finally: All Vacation Bicycling prices are consistent. We do not send emails or last minute offers of lower prices than posted on the website. Once we post a price for a trip that price will never go lower. We hope you like all the advantages of joining a tour with Vacation Bicycling. Come join us!
For a more in-depth explanation on pricing: To continue on our mission to the dedication of providing the highest value of bicycling tours, we needed to change. In the past we were able to have basically the same trip prices both from year-to-year and once a trip was posted. Unfortunately, with inflationary pressures that pricing model is no longer viable. So different trips now and in the future will have different prices and people who sign-up early will get a better rate than other people. A good example of this pricing model, as you may know, is the one used by Southwest Airlines. When Southwest first started, they had the same price on almost all their routes. Over time they changed their pricing structure with each destination having different prices and with people who sign-up sooner having better prices than ones who reserved later. As inflation has impacted all of us, we too needed to change, so Vacation Bicycling has now adopted a similar model, including creating an algorithm to help us minimize price increases and only change prices as necessary when factoring in each location's unique costs. 
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Vacation Bicycling, the smallest bicycle tour company with the biggest number of trips. Celebrating 16 years bringing bicycle tour adventures to the best of all 50 states, where will you go next?
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