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Vacation Bicycling, the smallest bicycle tour company with the biggest number of trips. Celebrating 17 years bringing bicycle tour adventures to the best of all 50 states, where will you go next?

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Why are Vacation Bicycilng trips significantly less in price than other bike tour companies? -The most frequently asked question
We are a small company and have flexibility to plan and design trips that will maximize each dollar spent. We are also pretty good negotiators and planners to keep our overhead/fixed costs to a minimum. Combining these attributes allow us to offer what many people feel is the best value in bicycle tours. Come join us!
All Vacation Bicycling prices include all tips.
Our company has a strict no tipping policy.  Most bicycle tour companies expect their participants to pay an extra "recommended tip" that can be $200 or more at the end of the trip to pay the tour guides. With Vacation Bicycling, your fee is inclusive of all tips.
All Vacation Bicycling prices are consistent. We do not send emails or last minute offers of lower prices than posted on the website. Once we post a price for a trip that price will never go lower. 
For a more in-depth explanation on pricing: To continue on our mission to the dedication to providing the highest value of bicycling tours, we needed to change. In the past we were able to have basically the same trip prices both from year-to-year and once a trip was posted. Unfortunately, with inflationary pressures that pricing model is no longer viable. So different trips now and in the future will have different prices and people who sign-up early will get a better rate than other people. A good example of this pricing model, as you may know, is the one used by Southwest Airlines. When Southwest first started, they had the same price on almost all their routes. Over time they changed their pricing structure with each destination having different prices and with people who sign-up sooner having better prices than ones who reserved later. As inflation has impacted all of us, we too needed to change, so Vacation Bicycling has now adopted a similar model, including creating an algorithm to help us minimize price increases and only change prices as necessary when factoring in each location's unique costs. 
How long have you been doing tours?
In 2022 Vacation Bicycling is celebrating our 16th year anniversary!

How much?
$200 due to reserve your spot and the remainder due 45 days before the trip start.

What is the deadline?
Most trips fill quickly, reserve now to avoid being left behind and join the fun!
Do most trips have singles or couples?
On most prior trips there have been a mixture of both. Looking at the numbers, the breakdown is about 40% are independently traveling with the remainder traveling as couples.

Single traveler?
There is a single supplement charge that varies with each trip, since all posted prices reflect the price per person based on double occupancy. Please see the "Book a Trip" page to see the specific charge which currently (2022 & 2023) varies from $450 to $750, depending on the trip. Also, if asked, we will help match a single traveler with a roommate.
What type of bike should I bring?
We recommend road or hybrid bicycles, but all types of bikes, including e-bikes have been used on our trips. All rides are on paved bicycle trails or paved bicycle recommended roads..
How fast do I need to ride?
Everyone rides at their own speed. As long as you can ride at least 10 miles per hour, you should have a very enjoyable vacation.
In the event of a need to cancel your reservation, the cancellation fee is $200 per person, or we will gladly transfer your deposit to a future trip as long as the cancellation is made no later than 45 days before trip start. Due to lodging and restaurant contractual obligations, refunds or transfers cannot be made for cancellations later than 45 days before trip start. 
If a trip is cancelled prior to the 45 days, we will provide a full credit for any money paid and apply toward any future trip. We recommend acquiring travel insurance from a company such as 
Normally, we ride in all weather conditions, but you can always stay at the hotel, if you do not feel comfortable riding that day.
Standby List?
If a trip is sold out, in some cases a standby list will be started for those riders who wish to put down a $200 standby fee to be added to the trip when an opening occurs. When an opening occurs, the standby fee will be converted to a $200 deposit for the trip and then normal cancellation terms apply. Of course, if the trip does not have any openings the standby fee will be returned. 
How many riders?
All of our trips are designed for bicyclists that enjoy the outdoors and the social aspect of bicycling vacations. With this in mind, we strive for groups of around 15-21 people. We have found this number of people allows like-minded riders to form friendships and bonds with others of similar interests and/or abilities.
Can I bring my bicycle on a plane?
If you fly, most major airlines including Delta, American, United and Alaska Air now waive the oversize fee for bicycles (sporting equipment) and just the standard luggage fee applies. Please contact your airline for all the details.
Can I ship my bicycle to the hotel? 
To ship your bike, we would suggest using or for shipping. Shipbikes also offers a triangle container to ship your bike, where in most cases, you just take off the front tire to ship your bike.
What’s included?
Hotel lodging
Ride packets including maps and cue sheets
Fully sagged including ride leaders, luggage transport, van transportation and rider assistance

Happy Hours (BYOB) most evenings
Breakfast with the group most mornings (see specific trip page for details)
Dinner with the group many evenings (see specific trip page for details)
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Vacation Bicycling, the smallest bicycle tour company with the biggest number of trips. Celebrating 17 years bringing bicycle tour adventures to the best of all 50 states, where will you go next?
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