Downhill Colorado Rockies Bicycle Tour 2023

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Vacation Bicycling, the smallest bicycle tour company with the biggest number of trips. Celebrating 16 years bringing bicycle tour adventures to the best of all 50 states, where will you go next?
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  • Each day ride from a higher elevation then you end, riding a downhill grade. 
  • Unpack only one time! We stay at the same hotel for the entire bicycle tour.
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery (including the one pictured above that was taken with a camera phone) breathe in the fresh air, experience the low humidity and take delight in the laid back feeling of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Many participants in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 said it was their best bicycle tour ever in the United States.      
  • The other fascinating part of riding in the Rockies is the majority of each day's ride is on dedicated paved bike paths that are free of obstructions to allow you to enjoy the scenery while biking.
  • Ride next to rivers and streams as you both view and hear nature all around you and give you a definite sense of place.
  • Visit up-close and experience the many famous cities you have read or heard mentioned from friends and neighbors, including Aspen, Breckenridge, Copper, Eagle, Frisco, Glenwood Springs and Vail.
  • Finally, you may want to spend one afternoon rejuvenating in Glenwood Hot Springs in the calming mineral waters of the world's largest hot springs pool.
Day 1, Saturday; August 12, 2023
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Check in at the starting hotel throughout the day. Check out the area or on your bike, getting assimilated to the fresh air and the overwhelming scenery. If you enjoy shopping, take time to visit the various shops in downtown. Or come early and spend time soaking in the natural hotsprings, duplicating the enjoyment and restorative powers of water that people have experienced for thousands of years. You can also spend the morning taking a short hike to Hanging Lake, a national natural wonder. Or take a white water rafting trip through Glenwood Canyon on the Colorado River. After you have become assimilated with the beauty of Colorado, meet around 5:00pm to enjoy the welcome meeting followed by dinner with the group.
Lodging (for the entire bicycle tour):
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Hampton Inn
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
(Stay at the same hotel for the entire bicycle tour. Just unpack one time!)
  • Internet
  • Pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Fitness Center
  • Coin Laundry
  • Hair Dryer
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The Pullman
(Bold yet Rustic)
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
 1st course: choice of
  • Soup of the day.
  • Watermelon & feta salad. Arugula, grilled sweet onions, balsamic, evo (gf, vegan/df without feta)
  • Handmade chevre gnocchi with wild mushrooms and asparagus. Greens, parm, truffled oregano vinaigrette.
2nd course: choice of
  • Eggplant cannelloni stuffed with wild mushroom risotto. Tomato coriander sauce, crispy basil. (gf, vegan/df without reggiano)
  • Roast Alaskan halibut with house tartar sauce. Fava bean and rock shrimp succotash. (gf)
  • Peach BBQ Berkshire pork shoulder. Cheesy stone ground grits. palisades peach relish. (gf, df without grits)
  • Roast natural chicken, sherry pan jus. Heirloom tomato & basil panzanella. (df)
Dessert: choice of
  • Salted chocolate pie, peanut butter crunch crust
  • Peanut butter anglaise, sweet cream
  • House sorbet, flavor tbd
Day 2, Sunday; August 13, 2023
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Aspen & the Rio Grande Trail Paved Bike Path
Ride your bike from Aspen back to Glenwood Springs on the Rio Grande Trail, a dedicated bike path with a few low traveled roads. Enjoy the slightly downhill route for the entire ride. (Descending is always better than ascending.) Start riding at the trail head in Aspen or explore the city of Aspen, named after the abundant Aspen trees in the area, that was founded as a counter-culture city in the 1970s, but now is a thriving area with The Wall Street Journal noting that it is the most expensive town in the United States; and a recent search on Zillow showing the cheapest stand-alone house listed at $1,459,637! Enjoy viewing the scenery that is different from the rest of the Rockies with grass and tree lined hills on either side of the open fields and prairies that make-up the valley between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. Peruse the various towns, attractions and stops on the way back to Glenwood Springs. After arriving in Glenwood Springs explore the downtown area or make your way to the World's Largest Hot Spring Pool.
Bicycling route: 0 miles, staying at the hotel; or 42 miles, taking the van trip to Aspen and riding back to the hotel in Glenwood Springs. [Route is slightly downhill and 98% on dedicated paved bicycle paths.]
Day 3, Monday; August 14, 2023
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Breckenridge and Paved Bike Paths
Bicycle from Vail Pass riding east on the dedicated bike path down to and then on the Ten Mile Creek Bike Trail, bicycling alongside the babbling river with its rocky streambeds, plunge pools and beaver ponds. If you look closely you may be able to see the wild rainbow, brown and brook trout. Take a small bridge over Ten Mile Creek just outside Copper Mountain and stop at the combination coffee, donut, pizza and convenience store (we can vouch for the doughnuts which are very good!). Continue on the dedicated bike paths all the way to Breckenridge to enjoy the unique and historical downtown areas with buildings and architecture that have stood the test of time, standing for over 100 years. Enjoy the scenery and vistas across the lake. Arrive in Breckenridge and enjoy the various shops or stopping to have a bite to eat at one of the 110 restaurants in the city or continue riding around the northeast side of the Dillon Reservoir and through and around the town of Frisco on bike paths.

Bicycling route: 22 miles, taking the van to Vail Pass and riding to Breckenridge; or 38 miles, taking the van to Vail Pass, riding to Breckenridge and then riding to Silverthorne. After bicycling take the van back to the hotel. [Route from Vail Pass to Copper, during the first three miles, requires limited pedaling dues to the downhill grade, then slightly downhill from Copper for about 10 miles and then mostly flat with some limited hills on the way to Breckenridge and Silverthorne. The route is completely on paved bike paths.]

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Glenwood Canyon Brewpub
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • House Salad – Mixed greens, tomato, red onion, carrots, cucumber and croutons
Entrée choices:
  • New York Strip – House cut 8 oz, ale buttered mushrooms, chimichurri, buttermilk chive mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables
  • Honey Glazed Salmon – Power greens, shaved fennel, pickled red onion, lemon herb vinaigrette and quinoa pilaf
  • Caprese Chicken Pasta – Heirloom grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, spinach, basil pesto, linguini, balsamic reduction.
  • Fish Tacos – Chili lime rockfish or herb marinated vegetables, pickled slaw, pineapple mango salsa, rotija cheese, siriachi chili aioli, Spanish rice, black bean and corn salad.
Day 4, Tuesday; August 15, 2023
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Vail & Paved Bike Paths
Today we bicycle heading west from Vail Pass to experience the beauty and magnificence of the Rockies looking over Vail Pass with beautiful mountains in every direction. Descend into the unique town of Vail, ride through the Premier International Mountain Resort Community or take the time to experience the two main shopping and restaurant areas in Lionshead and Vail Village. Leave the town of Vail and join the bike path that follows Gore Creek and then continue riding adjacent to the Eagle River on a combination of bike paths and low traffic roads all the way to Eagle, while bicycling through prairies and open fields with beautiful mountains all around you. Upon arriving in Eagle, you may want to experience the dry sauna or steam room in addition to the large indoor pool.  Eat lunch in "old downtown" Eagle with its laid back feel and wide-open little traveled streets. Return to Glenwood Springs and venture out for a meal from the numerous iconic, hole-in-the-wall, trendy, destination and independent restaurants.
Bicycling route:  0 miles, staying at the hotel; 45 miles, taking the van to Vail Pass then bicycling 45 miles or about 30 miles of pedaling (the first 10 miles is steep enough that there is very little pedaling; then about 9 miles of flat riding through Vail, followed by about another 5 miles of very little pedaling as the downhill incline again allows for little pedaling, then the final 21 miles continues on a slight downhill grade. [Route is primarily downhill on paved bicycle paths.]
Provided by hotel
On your own.
Day 5, Wednesday; August 16, 2023
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Hot Springs & Free Day
Enjoy the day exploring Glenwood Springs or join the optional bike ride in Grand Junction. Options include spending the day at the world's largest hot springs; or experience whitewater river rafting on the Colorado River; or take a short hike from the hotel to see Doc Holliday's Colorado Grave; or ride and hike to Hanging Lake; or take the Glenwood Gondola to the mountain top and America's only mountain-top theme park; or go shop and have a bite to eat at one of the 70 restaurants that Glenwood Springs has to offer. Use the transportation hub, located just a block from the hotel, to visit your favorite recreational destinations. With the beauty, views, great biking and bicycle paths available in and around Grand Junction, Colorado, we thought we we would add this optional bike ride. We will ride on the One Riverfront Trails, located along the Colorado River in Grand Junction. After the ride we will stop in Palisades, home of the world famous Palisades Peaches! A little background on Grand Junction: Grand Junction is known as Colorado's Wine Country with over 20 vineyards. The warm temperatures during the day and their cool nights are exceptional conditions for producing hearty grapes and red wine varietals in particular flourish in these conditions. In September 1881, the area experienced a land rush settlement and a townsite was staked. This town, in the Grand Valley, it was first called Ute, then West Denver and finally came to be known as Grand Junction. The name stems from its location at the confluence—or junction—of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. After getting a glimpse of the Grand Junction area, you may want to spend more time there whether learning Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) on the Colorado River with plenty of stretches of calm waters; or visiting the 50+ year old Museum of the West to fulfill your inner cowboy or cowgirl; or really going back in time with a dino dig at the Dinosaur Journey museum.
Provided by hotel
Bicycling route:  0 miles, enjoying a "free day" or staying at the hotel; 13 to 27 miles, taking the van to Grand Junction and riding on the bike paths next to the Colorado River. [Route is flat.]
On your own
Day 6, Thursday; August 17, 2023
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Eagle & the Colorado River with Paved Bike Paths
Join the flat bike path from Eagle, riding near the Eagle River and enjoying the views of the plains and hills until reaching a series of slightly downhill bike paths and finally joining the last path taking a small tunnel to the dedicated bike path that follows the Colorado River. As you know, the Colorado River is one of the principal rivers in the United States traversing seven states and creating the Grand Canyon before reaching Lake Mead. View the whitewater rapids and fast flowing river while riding only a few feet away on dedicated bike paths, bridges and overpasses, allowing some of the most beautiful river views anywhere in the world. Ride into Glenwood Springs and pass the Hot Springs.
Bicycling route: 0 miles, staying at the hotel; or 32 miles riding from Eagle to the hotel in Glenwood Springs after taking the van to Eagle. [Route is slightly downhill and primarily on paved bike paths.]
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Juicy Lucy's Steakhouse
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Seventh Street Salad - Strawberries, gorgonzola, and toasted walnuts on mountain greens with honey-poppyseed vinaigrette
Entrée choices:
  • Salmon fillet - fresh salmon grilled with lemon and fresh herbs
  • Thick Center Pork Chop - cider glaze and baked apples
  • 6 oz filet mignon - the most tender cut of all steaks
  • Herb Roasted Boulder Chicken - all natural one-half chicken with honey herb glaze
Day 7, Friday; August 18, 2023
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Say goodbye to Colorado and start your journey home!

Please note all trip information is based on previous trips and/or contracted lodging and restaurants and is subject to change based on availability or specific trip needs.
Riding difficulty:
Riders who are comfortable riding at least 10 miles per hour should have an enjoyable trip. We have designed the routes utilizing bike paths wherever possible with the vast majority of the trip utilizing bike paths, but there are some roads that connect the bike paths. Though we are in the mountains the routes were designed to have a slight decent each day with only one climb on the trip.  Of course, if a rider is tired or does not feel like riding, the SAG vehicle will transport the rider to the hotel. All routes are on paved bike paths and roads. All riders may ride at their own pace, slow or fast.
Arriving by automobile:
Drive to Hampton Inn, 401 West First Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, parking your car at the hotel for free for the duration of the trip.
Arriving by Plane:
You can fly directly into the Denver International Airport (DEN) and take Colorado Mountain Express shuttle or rent a car and park at the starting hotel for the duration of the trip. Parking at the hotel is free. Also, you can fly directly into Aspen Airport (ASE) or Eagle Airport (EGE).
$200 due to reserve your spot and the remainder due 45 days before the trip start.  
What's included:
  • Hotel lodging
  • Ride packets including maps & cue sheets (directions)
  • Fully sagged including ride leaders, luggage transport, van transportation and rider assistance.
  • Breakfast with the group each morning
  • Dinner with the group three nights (see above)
  • Fun and Enjoyment
  • Most participants bring their own bicycles.
  • To ship your bike, we would suggest using or for shipping. Your bike can be sent to the starting hotel: Hampton Inn, 401 West First Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
  • If you fly, most major airlines including Delta, American, United and Alaska Air now waive the oversize fee for bicycles (sporting equipment) and just the standard luggage fee applies. Please contact your airline for all the details.
Weather in the last week of August in the Downhill Colorado riding area: 
  • Average High 75°F


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